Let’s Play: The Division


Watch webhead and friends play through The Division together.  We will be streaming this live to Youtube as we play so be sure to subscribe to the Does This Game Suck? channel if you want to join us as we play!

So far in part 1…

  • The character creator is pretty much useless
  • I can’t login to the computer to finish the first mission
  • Logged out and back in twice and finally did it!
  • People are putting diseases and/or drugs on money
  • I still can’t aim for shit
  • Shotguns are so god damn fun
  • Something exploded within the first hour or gameplay.  I support this.
  • Server maintenance 2 hours in…good time to stop! :p

Part 2…

  • Side mission time!
  • Shotguns are still awesome as fuck
  • I am starting to aim better…the key is short bursts and actually attempting to aim
  • I use all the curse words available to me while playing through the second mission.  Fuck Flamethrowers.
  • Also holy shit the enemies are aggressive…the missions seem to have explosive barrels littered everywhere that we never got to use because the enemies ran so far up our asses we never saw them

Part 3 – 9

  • I grew tired of making these updates and just stopped because I’m lazy.
  • Blowing up Cleaners is still ridiculously fun…I might be simple.
  • The Marksman rifles are fucking GAME CHANGING.  Everyone needs one.
  • The DZ is super fun.  Kyle and I ran through there for a couple hours and really had tons of fun.  Pretty much upgraded every piece of gear I had while we were in there too.
  • These missions are pretty fun but the side missions are pretty paint by numbers.  Not surprising though.  Still more variety than Destiny…but that’s not saying a whole lot.