Bastion Review


Bastion is a brilliant action adventure game and the first game developed by Supergiant Games. Originally released in 2011 for XBLA and Steam, it later became a browser based game via Google Chrome and was released on Mac OS in 2012. It finally saw a PS4 and PS Vita release early in 2015. Bastion’s previous releases saw outstanding sales and reviewed well, but today I’ll be reviewing the PS4 release.

The game, if you haven’t heard of it, is a top down action adventure game with RPG elements. It has an active based battle system with a myriad of different and well developed weapon types. Weapons come in close quarters or ranged attacks and the story includes training levels for each which reward various upgrade materials for said weapons. Admittedly, they’re quite fun when the main campaign gets a bit tiresome. Its a great way to space things out and keep the overall experience fun.


The combat itself is extremely satisfying and you can switch up your loadout between levels back at the Bastion. The game features various enemies and bosses you’re pitted against in some fun and challenging situations. The levels themselves are beautiful and well made with all sorts of map effects. The maps themselves are part of a falling apart world and see you through all sorts of locations from dense forests to barren fields. All of these are accompanied by some wonderful and atmospheric music that is honestly as relaxing at times as it is tenacious depending on the situation.

The story itself is a narrative and is quite well done. It follows ‘The Kid’ and his quest to restore the Bastion in the midst of the aftermath of ‘The Calamity’ that tore apart the city of Caelondia. Over the course of the story, ‘The Kid’ meets several survivors who return back to the Bastion and aid him over the course of the game. Speaking of the Bastion itself, it’s something of a safe haven and central hub to the game. It’s where you spend your fragments (the game’s currency) on everything from upgrades which require upgrade materials to the store which sells upgrade materials themselves, idols, and spirit bottles. As you level, you unlock slots in the Distillery where you can assign bottles of spirits which provide various bonuses and you can build up the other buildings in the Bastion like shops, a shrine, a forge, etc. The game really gives you a lot to work towards.


Overall, I would say with all the upgradable weapons, customizable load-outs, spirit bottle bonuses, idols you can set for additional difficulty, as well as a New Game+ option, Bastion will keep you playing for a long while and you’ll get a lot of replay value out of it. The PS4 and Vita versions have a trophy set complete with a platinum trophy also. I’m giving it a 4/5. Great game from a great developer.